The Slate makes working from your lap a little nicer


As entrepreneurs and freelancers, we work a lot from our sofas and on-the-go; so we can truly appreciate the assist from a good lap desk. 

They help to prevent the dreaded hunchback and functional ones like the Slate Mobile Lapdesk by iSkelter are worth the investment.

iSkelter was enthusiastically funded by Kickstarter so we thought their mobile desks were worth looking into. We did, fell in love, and more than 90% of Amazon users agree with us that The Slate is a more comfortable way to work from your lap.


That’s more than we can say about a pillow with a piece of board on it.

You can tell immediately by the innovative design (which others have copied…or tried to), that the company put some thought into the Slate. First, the Eco-friendly bamboo and the Zen-like Apple-influenced design make it nice to look at. The corners, air vents, and docking station are chiseled, hand-sanded, and polished to give it the feeling of glass.  The super thick mousepad looks generous and durable. At just over 3 pounds and less than an inch thick, it easily fits inside most laptop bags and totes.  The vents help prevent your laptop from overheating as well as prevent it from sliding around. All in all, we think iSkelter found a simple and cute way to deliver comfort and use technology smartly.

slate-dimensionsThe Slate with Docking Station and Mousepad, regularly $130 USD, is on sale for $80 USD

There are a few different Slates to choose from; with prices varying depending on size and features.  You can purchase directly from their website where you can also find a sit-to-stand conversion desk and other tech desks to improve your well-being while you’re working from home or on the go.




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