Naming your inner Yonce


You’ve heard about performers creating an alter ego, like Beyoncé did creating Sasha Fierce then Yoncé.  And we all know the stratospheric success Bey’s had.

In the Inner Critic Makeover, we recommend a similar exercise; to assign a new role to your critic giving her a new mission as your ally, champ, or even super hero status.  So because every super hero needs a really cool name…

Let’s look at how you go about naming the inner badass who will be your “go-to” when you need more swagger than you’ve got at that moment.


Wanna try it? The formula is very simple.

  • _________________________ +
  • _____________________

Here are some more Yoncé tips to keep your confidence going in the right direction — up!

Accept Yourself

Beyoncé is comfortable in her own skin. She shares her truest self through her music and because we’re seeing the real her, we connect with her.  When we accept ourselves, we’re easier to be around.  You’re less worried about embarrassment and freer to be vulnerable; to look foolish /natural / flawed / imperfect.

Be Beautiful

Being beautiful is about more than makeup, weave and stilettos. That’s part of it, but only a very tiny part.  Bey is one of those women who enjoys fashion, a creative outlet (we all need one), and uses it to express herself as much as she does to look great and add confidence. Wear things that suit you and that shows your spirit and express who you are in an authentic and fierce way.

Beyoncé is OK showing us her natural no-makeup selfies and is almost always smiling, which is like greeting people with an open arms.  When we lead with our hearts, we are truly beautiful and we’re beautifying ourselves at the same time. Think about it — would you rather be creating frown lines or laugh lines?

Be Fearless

We talk about believing in yourself a lot but sometimes, it’s going to be hard. If you haven’t had a lot of practice being courageous, it may seem as if you can’t. Like any success skill though, we get better with practice.  Just like building our cognitive muscles with brain exercises, we can practice courage a little by little every day.  If you haven’t done it yet, take our 30 day “Bolder” challenge to see what we mean by courage exercises.  Many women have seen their confidence soar after taking up pole dancing, a combat martial arts, self-defense training, taking up running, rock climbing, aviation, learning public speaking and a variety of exercises that leave a little courage behind each time you do it.  Strength is strength.

Do the things you love

There are all kinds of love.  The love we get from our parents, partners, pets, friends and if you are Bey, your fans. But the greatest source of love is DOING things we love.

I have an untested, but what I think to be an entirely true theory.  And that is that, most unhappy people aren’t doing ENOUGH of what they love.  We get more than endorphin when we go to the dance class we enjoy, spend time once a week with our girls, make time for a daily run and spend time composing the perfect Instagram shot of our meal.  By bringing in love through other outlets, we give our lives balance and flood our outer cortex (our other pleasure center).

We know there will be busy times, but no matter how busy it gets, to live a truly successful life is to have a balance of fun, enjoyment, play, and purpose mixed in with the chores and daily grind.





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