One of the best goals you can commit to in 2016

Because ultimately…almost everything we do, we do to GET love and make a connection, what better goal to commit to in 2016 than developing healthy relationships.

In this Super Soul session, Marianne Williamson shares a profound perspective on love and building healthy relationships. She tells us that it is in relationships that we learn to do the three key things we’re here on earth to do: Self-actualize (become who we really are), Collaborate and Serve.

Learn how to approach relationships with a focus on “WE” and with the understanding that it is only in relationships that we can heal.  The bottom line is that it’s self-serving to build healthy relationships because they are how we achieve our ultimate needs and get what we truly want out of life.

If you’re a Vurb member and make this your 2016 resolution, we’ll have plenty of exercises and reminders throughout the year to help you make this goal real.




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