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If you think about it, our relationships are crucial to our success in life. And like anything we want interest from, we have to first invest in them. There's research to support how important friendships are: they help us deal with stress, feel richer, and live healthier.  A 2003 Harvard study found that people with healthy friendships had less depression, better immune function, lower blood pressure and were healthier overall. Friends are the shoulders we cry on and the people who help us forget. They're our first call when we have something to celebrate and our one call if we ever find ourselves in a Turkish prison. But you can add real friends to the list of important things we ignore when life gets busy; along with our workouts, dental cleaning, fun and enjoyment. Like I said, the important stuff. 3037668

In this video, friends share some creative ways they came up with to invest in their friendships

Too busy and can't even find time for coffee? Do what one Vurber does and schedule a weekly Face-time lunch chat with your bestie. The girls also got around to a list of best friend reminders like these:
  • True BFFs don't just text; they talk on the phone occasionally.
  • True BFFs remember your birthday. 
  • Unless it's a heinous crime (and maybe even then), true BFFs have each others back
  • True BFFs would never post a bad photo of you
  • True BFFs don't compete over silly things like men (at ping pong maybe...but never men)
Got a friendship tip to share? Go ahead and put it in the comments. We love hearing how you practice these lifestyle concepts we talk about.


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