Truly commit to a healthy strong body

LENGTH: 6 weeks
FACILITATORS: Denise Brooks, Ivan Tatcher and Gail Richards
UPCOMING DATE: April 27, 2016   view more dates

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In this program, you will (re)train your brain to work for your higher good — not just what’s convenient.

We’ll work to change your view of nutrition, physical activity and other behaviors that impact your weight in the long- and short-term.

In this program, you’ll set new intentions for who you are and want to be.

As you know by now, Vurb is about the actions we take to live the life we want. Coaching is about giving you the tools, then staying with you long enough to show you how to use them.

As you use the tools (radical new ways of thinking, of seeing yourself, meditation, creativity, delicious commonsense real world eating that focuses on whole foods and nutrients over calories, accepting physical activity as a life choice not just a weight loss fix), you’ll butt up against your old patterns.  Because that’s life, isn’t it?  Every time we promise ourselves we’ll do better, life gets in the way and we fall back into our old patterns.

We’re here to break your patterns and show you the simple logic sane way to approach diet and exercise and keep you on track with coaching and community, until you truly GET it…until you’ve made the mindset shift…until you’ve reached your ah ha!

Because the goal of this program is to change your mindset and behaviors, when you get, you’ll truly GET it.

Our program is based on the science of behavior change and is unlike traditional wight loss programs.

We’ll be working on:

  • Developing your consistency muscles
  • Your “big picture” thinking
  • Developing emotional intelligence
  • Understanding the role of nutrition and nutrients
  • Body Image
  • Truth telling
  • And much more

Using fun and impactful games and exercises, such as the “Dance Like Beyonce” class that streams privately once a week, you’ll feel a part of a living immersive community…and you’ll be making change from the inside out.



Before we start, you will complete online assessments, calculate your BMI and other physical stats and you will start monitoring your behavior patterns as they relate to food, stress, physical activity and how you think and process life.

We’ll assign you to an Accountability Team based on geography and other factors you select as important to you.

Over the six weeks, we’ll do a variety of exercises, games and coaching that you will personalize and apply to your life as you live it and apply to your thoughts as you process life, handle stress, change and emotions.

Each workshop is a unique immersive experience

We have several games and activities to choose from and don’t do the same series of exercises each time. That way if you take the course 3 months from now or next year, it will feel fresh and new each time because we never offer the exact program twice.

BTW, you can take this workshop of charge.


This workshop will not help someone who is looking to quickly shift some weight, learn weight loss tricks or want to work with a bootcamp style instructor.

It will benefit those looking to change their behavior patterns, who are emotionally ready to look at why they struggle with this, and are ready to, with accountability and support, do the work to make life long change.


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